Presentation for DoRN symposium, UQ Australia

I was recently invited to share findings from Mix & Match with the Donor Research Network (DoRN), based at the University of Queensland Australia. Their 2022 symposium, held online in July, collated contributions from researchers working across a range of topics. I was invited to present findings to their themed day ‘Ethics and Donation’.

The Donor Research Network (DoRN) is a global network of highly experienced interdisciplinary researchers and practitioners. We aim to promote understanding about, and awareness of, the importance of donors of substances of human origin (SoHO) such as blood, plasma, platelets, stem cells/bone marrow, organs/tissue, and breast milk to the healthcare sector.  Our goal is to provide research leadership that improves theoretical and practical understanding of donor behaviour. In this way we aim to help our industry partners, the medical matchmakers who match SoHO donations to recipients, to recruit and retain the right donor (given patient demand), to donate the right product for the right patient, at the right time.

DoRN’s mission

You can watch the presentation below, which is based on the first peer reviewed article that came out of the findings of Mix & Match.

The presentation was given alongside others from a range of different focuses – from blood donation to breast milk donation – and spanning disciplines from sociology (my own area) to psychology, alongside insights from those involved directly in the work of donor recruitment themselves.

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  1. […] This month, I presented work from Mix & Match at the European Communication Research and Education Association (or ECREA) annual conference, in Aarhus, Denmark. The conference was attended predominantly by media and communications researchers, whilst I’ve mainly in the past shared the findings within sociology (e.g., at the BSA Medical Sociology conference) and with practitioners (e.g., at the DoRN Network symposium). […]


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