IMG_8183 2Ros Williams in the principle investigator of this research project. Ros is based in the Department of Sociological Studies at the University of Sheffield, where she is a lecturer in digital media and society. Her research interests are in race, health, and the technologies and practices that connect them. She has published her research in various academic journals.

Before starting this project, Ros was a researcher on a Leverhulme-funded digital health project, which she worked on after completing her PhD in Sociology at SATSU in the University of York. Her thesis looked at stem cell banking, and she developed an interest in the use of race classifications, legacies of health care inequity, and genetic understandings of racial differences in blood and tissue.

Ros co-convenes the British Sociological Association‘s Science and Technology Study Group, sits on the executive committee of AsSIST-UK, and is a core team member of iHuman, a University of Sheffield faculty research network.

Ros receives mentorship for Mix and Match from Professor Paul Martin and Dr Kate Weiner.

Professor Paul Martin is co-director of iHuman at the University of Sheffield. His research looks at the changing relationship between biology and society, and the rise of new ‘biosocial’ approaches to understanding questions of health, behaviour and social interaction. In particular, Paul is interested in how ideas of society and ‘the social’ are used in the biological sciences, and in how new biological knowledge is changing how we understand what is means to be human.

Dr Kate Weiner is a senior lecturer in Sociology at the University of Sheffield. She is interested in the construction of biomedical knowledge and the interplay between lay and professional knowledge, user-technology relations with everyday health practices and their implications for health care. Kate has undertaken research in the areas of genetics, heart disease and patient organisations.

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