Presentation at Hematopolitics Symposium, Leeds

Today, I spoke at the University of Leeds as part of a symposium on the politics of blood entitled Hematopolitics alongside presentations from, amongst others, Lifeblood (the Australian Red Cross, which distributes blood products around Australia) and colleagues presenting work on cultured red blood cells in the UK.

I presented a developing paper from Mix & Match, which explores the manner in which mixed raced identity is being constructed through the work of donor recruitment. In particular, I’m beginning to think more deeply about what constitutes a ‘mixed raced community’, in the same way we might talk about other kinds of racialised communities, and whether/why the understanding of mixed raced people as part of a community might be more or less useful in the context of recruitment.

As these ideas start to develop, I will present them more over the summer as well as undertaking further data collection. I hope to write a paper on this eventually, which I will share with stakeholders open access via this website.

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