British Sociological Association Annual Conference 2022

I recently presented work from Mix & Match to colleagues at the British Sociological Association’s annual conference, which took place online again this year. It presents one part of a forthcoming journal article which presents some findings from interviews with patients and families who have run their own stem cell donor recruitment drives. The paper seeks to share some of the experiences of these individuals who are responsible for so many registrations each year; it also reflects on the challenges of this work and will eventually form part of the foundation for recommendations for such individuals and other stakeholders towards the end of the project. This presentation uses one patient appeal as a case study to demonstrate, in particular, the role of social media.

The longer paper is written to contribute to the ‘sociology of donation’, and makes the point that we have to take media more seriously in how we understand donation practices – from recruitment all the way to the act of donation. Social media and traditional media alike play a huge part in how we learn about and engage with donation, and understanding how they get enrolled is part of making donations not only more efficient, but also more equitable.

The written paper and a summary of it will be made available once it is published in Sociology of Health and Illness, hopefully later this month.

You can watch a recording of the presentation below.

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