Evidence Response to the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities’ open consultation on “ethnic disparities and inequality in the UK”

Quick link: Download the project response to the Commission

After establishing a new Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities in July 2020, the UK government asked the Commission to undertake a review of ethnic disparities and inequality in the UK. The Commission’s terms of reference, and its consultation’s focus, is on education, employment, health, and crime/policing. 

From the 26th October to 30th November 2020, the Commission invited responses from the public/local communities, organisations in the public, private and third sectors, and researchers and academics. 

The questions asked ranged from the general to the specific, and included two that were directly related to health: 

  • Question 6: Which inequalities in health outcomes of people in different racial and ethnic groups are not (wholly) explained by inequalities in underlying determinants of health (for example, education, occupation or income)? 
  • Question 7: How could inequalities in the health outcomes of people in different ethnic groups be addressed by government, public bodies, the private sector, and communities? 

You can click here to download the response I sent to these two questions, drawing on my expertise in relation to the sociology of human tissue donor recruitment. The response is intended to flag the topic of stem cell, blood and organ donation as key for thinking through the issues of (mis)trust, (dis)engagement, and fair service provision for minoritised ethnic groups. 

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