Secondment and project break

Since November 2021, the Mix & Match project has been effectively paused for me to undertake a six-month secondment with Anthony Nolan, the UK stem cell registry. I’m fortunate enough to be learning lots about the challenges and opportunities confronting the global stem cell infrastructure through this placement. The placement has been funded by the UK health research funder and charity Wellcome Trust, who also fun Mix & Match.

It does mean that I’ve paused most of my research for Mix & Match, including ethnographic fieldwork with the charities I’m lucky to be working with – ACLT and Race Against Blood Cancer. It also means I’m not currently interviewing patients and families about their experiences of running patient appeals.

I have a number of commitments over the next few months, however, that mean I will be posting updates from conferences and so on as these happen. I’ll begin working on Mix & Match again in May, resuming the interviews and fieldwork then. The project will be extended until April 2023.

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