BAME health research mentioned in The Guardian

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This week, an article I wrote with Des Fitzgerald, John Narayan and Amy Hinterberger, was published in academic journal The Sociological Review. The article explores some of the ways in the British National Health Service (NHS) was discussed during the Brexit campaigns of 2016, as well as the more enduring relationship between migration, race, and the NHS.

The paper is totally free to access here.

The article was also recently picked up by The Guardian.

Although not directly related to the Mix & Match project, this paper does focus on the intersection of health and race, and I was able to write it partly thanks to the time afforded by the Wellcome Trust’s support.

Below is an abstract for the article.

What is the relationship between Brexit and biomedicine? Here we investigate the Vote Leave official campaign slogan ‘We send the EU £350 million a week. Let’s fund our NHS instead’ in order to shed new light on the nationalist stakes of Brexit. We argue that the Brexit referendum campaign must be situated within biomedical policy and practice in Britain. We propose a re-thinking of Brexit through a cultural politics of heredity to capture how biomedicine is structured around genetic understandings of ancestry and health, along with the forms of racial inheritance that structure the state and its welfare system. We explore this in three domains: the NHS and health tourism, data sharing policies between the NHS and the Home Office, and the NHS as an imperially resourced public service. Looking beyond the Brexit referendum campaign, we argue for renewed sociological attention to the relationships between racism, biology, health and inheritance in British society

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